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#9700 Taenia solium IgG ELISA
ELISA kit for the diagnosis of human cysticercosis

Parasitology and clinical relevance

Cysticercosis is caused by larval cysts of the tapeworm Taenia solium and is a major cause of adult onset seizures in most developing countries. Diagnosis is based on imaging findings, but  in many cases it is not conclusive for the diagnosis. Serological assays has an important place on the final diagnosis of the disease. Our ELISA kit have shown appropriate performances for the serological screening of cysticercosis.


96 determinations of IgG antibodies using standard methodologies.

Wells sensitized with soluble antigens from cysts of Taenia solium.

8-wells polystyrene breakable strips: useful and economic format for laboratories with a small workload.

CE registration: CH-201808-0008

Sensitivity and specificity

The test detects Taenia solium infections.

A sensitivity of 98% was found with 45 sera from patients suffering from subarachnoid neurocysticercosis.

A sensitivity of 71% was found with 45 sera from patients suffering from neurocysticercosis with only one viable cyst.

A sensitivity of 40% was found with 45 sera from patients suffering from neurocysticercosis with only only calcified cyst.

A specificity of 98% was found with 99 sera of blood donors (Swiss).

A specificity of 96 % was found with 100 sera from patients of an infectiology unit (Swiss).

A specificity of 13% was found with 45 patients

suffering from cystic echinococcosis.

A specificity of 71% was foundwith 45 patients suffering from hymenolepiasis.


96 wells coated with soluble antigens from cysts of Taenia solium.

Dilution buffer (TBS-Tween), 50 ml
Washing solution, 50 ml
Enzyme buffer, 50 ml
Stop solution, 25 ml
Negative control serum (rabbit), 200 µl
Cut-off serum (rabbit), 200 µl
Positive control serum (rabbit), 200 µl
Protein A - AP conjugate, 300 µl
Alk. phosphatase substrate, 20 tab.
Multipipette resevoir 25ml, 1x
Frame for ELISA 8-wells holder, 1x
Instructions for use

Ordering information

#9700 Taenia solium IgG ELISA (96 assays)


J.-F. Carod, M.Randrianarison, J. Razafimahefa, R.M. Ramahefarisoa, M. Rakotondrazaka, M. Debruyne, M. Dautigny, P. Cazal, M.L. Andriantseheno, E.M. Charles. (2011) Evaluation of the performance of 5 commercialized enzyme immunoassays for the detection of Taenia solium antibodies and for diagnosis of neurocysticercosis. Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease. 72: 85-89.

S.R.V. Atluri, P. Singhi, N. Khandelwal, N. Malla, (2009) Neurocysticercosis immunodiagnosis using Taenia solium cysticerci crude soluble extract, excretory secretory and lower molecular mass antigens in serum and urine samples of Indian children. Acta Tropica. 110: 22-27.

European directive 98/79/EC registration

Material Safety Data Sheet: Eng - Fra - Deu

Testing of  the Bordier Taenia solium ELISA, final report (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru) : Report

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