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#9650 Fasciola hepatica IgG ELISA
ELISA kit for the diagnosis of human fascioliasis

Parasitology and clinical relevance

Fasciolosis is one of the most frequently encountered autochthonous helminthic infection in Central Europe. The immunodiagnosis of Fasciola hepatica infections is challenged by high serological cross-reactivity with other (hepatic) parasitological infections encountered in Central Europe, such as alveolar echinococcosis, toxocarosis and ascariosis, but also other parasitic infections acquired during overseas travel. The SAP-2 recombinant antigen shows a high specificity, especially with patients with other parasitic infections. It is a suitable serological test for routine diagnosis of human fasciolosis, particularly if the results are supported by clinical history.


96 determinations of IgG antibodies using standard methodologies.

Wells sensitized with a recombinant antigen from Fasciola hepatica.

8-wells polystyrene breakable strips: useful and economic format for laboratories with a small workload.

CE registration: CH-201504-0006

Sensitivity and specificity

The test detects Fasciola hepatica infections.

A sensitivity of 77% was found with 13 sera from patients with parasitologically proven Fasciola hepatica infections.

A specificity of 99% was found with 99 sera of blood donors (Swiss).

A specificity of 98 % was found with 100 sera from patients of an infectiology unit (Swiss).

A specificity of 97% was found with patients with other parasitc infections.


96 wells coated with a recombinant antigen from Fasciola hepatica.

Dilution buffer (TBS-Tween), 50 ml
Washing solution, 50 ml
Enzyme buffer, 50 ml
Stop solution, 25 ml
Negative control serum (rabbit), 200 µl
Cut-off serum (rabbit), 200 µl
Positive control serum (rabbit), 200 µl
Protein A - AP conjugate, 300 µl
Alk. phosphatase substrate, 20 tab.
Multipipette resevoir 25ml, 1x
Frame for ELISA 8-wells holder, 1x
Instructions for use

Ordering information

# 9650 Fasciola hepatica IgG ELISA (96 assays)


Figueroa-Santiago, O., Delgado, B. and Espino, A.M. (2011) Fasciola hepatica saposin-like protein-2-based ELISA for the serodiagnosis of chronic human fascioliais. Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 70, 355-361.

Gottstein B, Schneeberger M, Boubaker G, Merkle B, Huber C, et al. (2014) Comparative Assessment of ELISAs Using Recombinant Saposin-Like Protein 2 and recombinant Cathepsin L-1 from Fasciola hepatica for the Serodiagnosis of Human Fasciolosis. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 8(6): e2860. doi:10.1371/journal.pntd.0002860

European directive 98/79/EC registration

Material Safety Data Sheet: Eng - Fra - Deu


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